Food Plant Maintenance Six-Pack

Aerosols specially formulated for food plant maintenance

Halo-Guard FG-2 (JAX213): For use on any machinery in food and beverage processing facilities where incidental contact with food may occur.

BDF Cling-Lube (JAX214): Specially formulated for use on overhead chains, conveyors, trolleys and way guides commonly used in meat and poultry processing plants.

Dry-Glide Silicone (JAX108): An all-purpose silicone spray for use on food-packaging machinery, friction areas for films, wraps, cartons and large flat areas where a no-stick surface is needed.

Magna-Plate 78 (JAX114): An antiwear food-grade lubricant for use on chains, ways, conveyors, slides, bearings, packaging and food-processing equipment.

Food Grade Penetrating Oil (JAX109): A light, clean, food-processing lubricant that provides excellent rust protection, loosens corroded parts and speeds up disassembly and retooling.

Stainless Steel Cleaner Polish (JAX123): A cleaner and polish for any smooth surface and stainless steel. Not a food-grade lubricant.

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SKU: JAXFPM6  |  Category: Food-Grade
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