Jax Industrial Lubricants Work As Hard As You Do.

About Jax

JAX INC. is a US-based, international industrial lubricant manufacturer with expertise formulating high-performance synthetic lubricants, fleet and heavy-duty lubricants, industrial lubricants and biodegradable and food-grade lubricants. Since 1955, JAX has earned a worldwide reputation as a leader in emergent lubrication technology.

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen more consolidation and shrinking of companies dedicated to new lubricant formulation development, research and production. Major oil company brand names are often merely tacked on third-party toll-blended materials. Their technical and field support staffs have been slashed or eliminated.

In this climate, JAX remains old-fashioned in our respect and concern for our customers’ needs while utilizing new-century technologies in our product development and support teams.

Why Jax Lubricants

With a daily blending capacity of over 100,000 gallons, JAX lubricants protect extremely diverse OEM machinery.

Compounded with the finest raw materials and additive chemistries, JAX formulation decisions are based upon product quality and field performance leading to substantial cost savings through extended machine life, reduced downtime and increased production. Our field team reacts quickly to new opportunities and is motivated to solve lubrication issues with innovative tactics and novel chemistries.

The science of lubrication chemistry and technology is continually evolving. Products that have worked in the past may not provide adequate lubrication now or in the future. In order to meet our customers’ newest, more technical needs, we constantly analyze the JAX line for opportunities to improve our chemistries, performance and value.

This proactive approach to lubrication allows JAX to provide superior products meeting and surpassing the ever-changing needs of industry. We aim to advance the technology of applied tribology and exceed our customers’ expectations.

JAX history of unparalleled customer support and innovative solutions, combined with our experience, technical skills, field service and world-class distributor partners propel it above the competition.

The Jax Family

Pressure-Lube – Pressure-Lube, Inc., JAX’s aerosol packaging company, manufactures JAX premium quality aerosol products for industrial, food grade, and fleet maintenance. We research and formulate JAX’ brad and custom private brand aerosols which dramatically outperform multi-purpose sprays. Visit the Store to learn more about the Pressure Lube product line.

Compresyn® – Modern manufacturing and processing equipment runs on air. If motor oil is the lifeblood of an engine, air is the lifeblood of almost all plant processes. In 2010, JAX acknowledged the stagnant development of new chemistry for compressors by launching Compresyn. Compresyn has two successful lines of Food-Grade and Heavy-Duty Synthetic compressor fluids dedicated to pushing the envelope of compression performance and chemistry to the next level. To learn more about what Compresyn has to offer, visit www.compresyn.com.

XACT Fluid Solutions – XACT Fluid Solutions provides lubricant application and dispensing systems. These systems control the application of the lubricants and extend the life of industrial and food-plant machinery. To learn more about XACT’s automatic lubrication options visit www.xactfluid.com.