DC Conveyor Release WB 3H Trigger Spray

JAX DC Conveyor Release WB 3H is formulated for multiple uses in the food-processing industry, including: mold release aid, laminating, plastic casting, leather and textile lubricant, extrusion, rubber and metal casting, and paper softener. Successes in the baking of flat goods on slat or mesh conveyors have made this the product of choice for tortillas, pita bread, crackers, cookies and pizza crusts, especially when an alternative to soy-based lecithin release products is needed. JAX DC Conveyor Release WB does NOT contain the following allergens: soybeans, milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, and wheat.

Because of its unique aqueous emulsion, JAX DC Conveyor Release WB exhibits excellent dilution stability in both hard and soft water. With a recommended dilution ratio of 1 part JAX DC Conveyor Release WB to 10-20 parts water, storage requirements are minimized.


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SKU: 00238  |  Category: Food-Grade
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