Fleet Sample 6 Pack

Aerosols specially formulated for fleet maintenance of fork lifts, tractors & trailers, and other material-handling equipment.

Lift Truck & Sliding Tandem Lube (JAX106): A combination of two premium greases with Moly provides a tenacious film of lubricant to all sliding metal surfaces. For use on fork lift masts and sliding tandems. Also works great as an “easy” 5th wheel grease.

JAX Jet Fire Starting Ether (JAX115): Providing quick starts for diesel and gasoline engines down to -65ºF, Jet Fire actually contains 85% ether content, unlike most other products marketed with range from 15% to 50%.

JAX Heavy-Duty Chain & Cable Lubricant (JAX104): Formulated for excellent penetrating action which enables the lubricant to reach inside the pins, rollers and casings of chains and to the innermost strands of all cables and wire ropes.

JAX Penetrating Oil (JAX101): A scientific blend of the finest available oils, the most effective wetting agents and Moly gives this oil the ability to penetrate and loosen more quickly, even on hot surfaces.

JAX Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner (JAX229): Very effective at removing brake fluid, grease, oil, road grime, and other comtaminants from brake linings, drums, cylinders, springs and disk pads, this product is formulated with no chlorinated solvents, meeting California VOC requirements.

JAX Peel-Off Degreaser (JAX211): A non-chlorinated degreaser that is more compatible with a greater number of metals, plastics and elastomers.

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SKU: JAXFLT6  |  Category: Fleet & Material Handling
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